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Rewilding Drum Hikes – Belgium


20/01/2019 – 3/03/2019

  • Where: Hautes Fagnes, Belgium, 35 EUR pp 
  • More info and booking: and facebook


Rewilding Lifestyle Experience – Belgium



  • Transform your life by discovering and implementing a lifestyle that is closer to nature and further from the detrimental sedentary side effects of modern society.
  • Limited to 6 guests
  • Where: Leuven Fagnes, Belgium, 250 EUR pp 
  • More info and booking: and facebook (coming soon)


Starting with Essential Oils – Leuven (Belgium)



  • Reconnect with nature through plants natural aroma
  • Discover how to use essential oils in your daily life
  • Learn to build your essential oils starting kit and how to use them in a safe way 
  • More info and bookings at: (workshop in Dutch!)




11/3 – 29/4 – 6/5/2019 – Rewilding Drum collaborating with UNIZO

“Jouw levensstijl, de corebusiness van je bedrijf”




24/03 – 31/03/2019 – Rewilding Drum Winter Hike in Norway




1/6 – 26/6/2019 – The Salt Trail Expedition – Mongolia

Weekend Retreat 


Coming soon – 2019

  • Where: TBC
  • More info via facebook
  • Book here:


Adventurous Day Hike in Houffalize, Belgium

For us, the journey was both challenging and inspiring at the same time. A day out in ‘our’ Ardennes jungle in a smaller group with exploratory character and the road directly in contact with the unique combination of elements has to offer here nature … Nice that we had the chance to be immersed in nature for a day here.

Michel Brunet

Without a doubt not having to struggle every day, just to survive makes for a ‘better life’, but it is also true that life in a Western society disconnects us from a more natural state of being. Step by step, we are coming to learn that this ‘level of civilization’ comes at a price.

Like many people today I struggle to keep up with the complex, chaotic, fast paced and demanding environment we (have to) live in today. I ‘discovered’ that to ‘survive’ in today’s world (or modern jungle) it’s essential to take care, not only of the mind, but also of the body, and one of the most effective ways to do this is to literally go into nature to walk, run, climb… to de-stress and re-connect again. This is a challenge.

I think that Bert and Kiki have found a unique and effective ‘format’ that can help those seeking a more natural and balanced life. So if you want to de-stress and re-connect with nature, I highly recommend that you to get in touch with them and subscribe to one of their events – You won’t regret it!

Thank you Bert and Kiki for the wonderful and valuable work you do. Keep up the good spirit!


Erik Vanleeuw