‘La Prueba’ – Bushcraft and Survival Challenge

You might have (or not) already enrolled for many bushcraft and survival courses in the past. Now you want to know what exactly you are able to.

Put yourself to the test with ‘La Prueba’. In collaboration with Aborigen, we organize a 4 days and 3 nights challenge in the Sierra Morena n Ciudad Real (Spain).

  • Will you be able make and maintain fire?
  • Will you be able to process your food?
  • Will you be able to find water?
  • Will you be able to put up with the cold, long and who knows, wet days and nights?
  • Will you be able to put op with boredom?
  • Will you be able to…?

 Come and learn from your weaknesses and you strengths!

Check out our calendar for La Prueba (‘The Test’) or request a private activity for your group.