Testimonials about weekend Retraits

There aren’t enough AAAAAAs in awesome to describe the atmosphere during the weekend. Thank you to everyone who was part of the tribe that weekend and special thanks to Bert and his posse.

Lieven Dewitte

Photographer, Lieven Dewitte Photography

Testimonials about 1 on 1 Coaching

As a young entrepreneur working from home it was sometimes very difficult to find the right work-life balance. Sometimes it felt as if I was stuck in a never-ending cycle of working, eating (the quicker the better) and sleeping. I was literally working from one weekend/vacation to the next. I was losing touch with people, my health, and the things I loved doing. The reason why I started working with Bert is because I met him during a seminar and we shared a mutual interest in adventure and the outdoors. I explained to him how I was struggling to find balance in life, and he proposed a tailor-made coaching package to me. 

After the first session, I immediately noticed that my mindset was changing (maybe because I was finally doing something about it). I started to enjoy taking some time off to go running, hiking, and working out in the woods. Even though I was dedicating at least four hours outside the office per week, I felt like a got a lot more done on daily basis and that I was more motivated to work … even after the two months of training with Bert were over!

I am still receiving messages from Bert to make sure I’m sticking to the “rewilding lifestyle.” It really shows how passionate he is about his “clients” and rewilding.

Thank you, Bert, for the great experience. I am looking forward to our next outdoor adventure!


27 year entrepreneur

Testimonial about Rewilding Hikes

Without a doubt not having to struggle every day, just to survive makes for a ‘better life’, but it is also true that life in a Western society disconnects us from a more natural state of being. Step by step, we are coming to learn that this ‘level of civilization’ comes at a price.

Like many people today I struggle to keep up with the complex, chaotic, fast paced and demanding environment we (have to) live in today. I ‘discovered’ that to ‘survive’ in today’s world (or modern jungle) it’s essential to take care, not only of the mind, but also of the body, and one of the most effective ways to do this is to literally go into nature to walk, run, climb… to de-stress and re-connect again. This is a challenge.

I think that Bert and Kiki have found a unique and effective ‘format’ that can help those seeking a more natural and balanced life. So if you want to de-stress and re-connect with nature, I highly recommend that you to get in touch with them and subscribe to one of their events – You won’t regret it!

Thank you Bert and Kiki for the wonderful and valuable work you do. Keep up the good spirit!


Erik Vanleeuw

Testimonials about Personal Coaching

Since I have met Bert almost 10 years ago, I have been appreciating more and more his view on life, nature and sports. Even though we have a very different background, interests and professional activities, Bert always shows great empathy and most of all, it is good fun and very motivational to discuss and train with him.


Pieter Vandewalle

At the end of September 2015, the youth team of Tennis Club Park Vilvoorde played the final interclub of Men 7. Despite being an away game, lots of parents and fans accompanied the young team. I was sitting on the sidelines of the tennis court coaching the boys inch towards victory. I was the head coach, but I hardly played tennis myself anymore. Weighting 130 kg, it would not have been pretty anyway. It was something I didn’t feel proud about but somehow it had become part of life. Of course, I did occasionally take action, mostly in my mind, but almost always without success. It’s much more complicated than just eating a little less and working out when you’re carrying 130 kg!. Continue reading
Danny Ausloos

Testimonials about Rewilding Lifestyle Experience

If you feel like you’re in a tight box, endlessly running but going nowhere, your stress levels and anxieties are building up, then a rewilding day with Bert and Kiki might just be for you. We are all wild by nature. Somewhere along the way, we super-domesticate ourselves until we suffocate of the perceived comforts we put around us. Rewilding is not the extreme ‘stay-off-the-grid’, ‘leave-me-alone-in-a-cave’ mentality. It’s about rejuvenation and reconnection with nature, taking advantage of nature’s healing and being able to balance it with our modern lifestyles to what is right for us.

I appreciated the hands-on and practical day. I got to refresh my memory of physical movements I can do to de-stress. I acquired some new skills in basic outdoor survival. I learned about the rich tastes and nutrition packed food one can find in the environment and even how to make a shampoo! All of the above I can use and practice in my daily life. This can even be handy when going from day breaks to adventure holidays!

Thanks Bert and Kiki. I hope to see more people inspired and get into rewilding action!

Ian Bea

Owner Vivobarefoot Brussels , Vivobarefoot

We must do everything we can to make things better for future generations.  I truly believe we can make that change if we become re-enchanted (again) with nature and fundamentally shift our consciousness.

We urgently need to reconnect to nature, to ourselves, to others in order to be able to live a balanced, healthy and peaceful life. “Personal rewilding” can play a major role in this shift.

For these reasons, I attended a ‘Rewilding Day’ with Kiki and Bert, two experienced Rewilding coaches in Belgium on the 4th of October.

The following are but a few of the many rewilding teachings I took back home after spending a full day with them and with all the attendants, every single one special because his or her own specific walk of life. Continue reading

Marian Claes

Health Coach