White Christmas

Yes I do admit. since  December the first, although in Belgium the probability is only about 7%, I have been dreaming of a white Christmas. Not only that, I also look forward to the celebrations with beloved ones, family members, colleagues and friends, the food, the jingle bells, George Michael singing about Last Christmas and Bono screaming “Baby, it’s Christmas, please come home”.


And last but not least, the presents… December is a month full of presents and gifts. These days, persistent advertising is on 24/7, promising you this or that gift will make us happier than ever. I-phones, Electronics, jewels, gadgets,… Giving and receiving, always moments of happiness, isn’t it? Is it?

How many perfumes, bottles of wine, ties or pyjama’s have you received (and given), putting up a big smile as if they made you happy as never before? After all, you know the feeling of the giver. He must have been strolling through the city, trying to figure out how to surprise you with an original, trendy, meaningful, or at least expensive, present.



We acknowledge that health is the most precious thing there is. But for some reason we do invest surprisingly little (effort and money) in our actual lifestyles and seem to prefer presents that do a good job at numbing the side effects of the domesticated and urbanized lifestyle we are living as rat racers.

Do it differently!


Do something different this year! Consider ‘health’ as a present when you go Christmas shopping. You better invest in an healthy lifestyle than in items which are ‘cool’ and ‘fun’ for a couple of days or weeks but which, be honest, within a couple of months will be completely forgotten.






Some things you might think about when on your next Christmas presents hunt:



What is healthy for the planet is healthy for you. If you do consider buying something physical, do think twice before you buy:tooth paste

  • Where was this object made and who made it?
  • Was the person remunerated correctly for his work?
  • Which are the materials used?
  • Are they recyclable when the products life comes to an end?
  • Was it made locally or has it been travelling all over the globe before ending under your t
  • Will the gift mean a (long term) added value to the receiver?. 







Consider buying something which will boost you health, being it mental, physical or both. The possibilities are endless. You can buy or make:

  • The most healthy food and drinks possible
  • A gift where people can spend time outdoors, disconnecting from the stress environment they are living in, connecting with nature, with their tribe and last but not least, connection with themselves.
  • A book, a workshop or a course or even personal coaching about healthy practices. One might think that, people know all this, but despite the overload of information there is a big lack of knowledge. They want to start a healthy lifestyle, but they don’t know where to begin.


Have you ever considered  giving your time to somebody? You could write a letter promising you will spend time with the person, being really connected, being there for the person 100%. It can be a walk in the park, drinking coffee, sitting around a campfire, or anything else.

Do it yourself

Have you considered making something yourself? A more personal gift is hardly imaginable. cosmetics, jams, clothes, poem, the possibilities are endless. Be creative, it will be appreciated! If for any reason you don’t want or can’t do it yourself, buy from an artisan.

Let Us Know!

Did this post get you thinking? What will you make or buy?

Do you have other rewilding gift ideas or suggestions?

Let us know!