Do you identify with any of these statements? 


  • I don’t have enough energy or time to do everything I’d like to.
  • I should lose weight but I am fed up with diets.
  • I should move more and get my body in better shape, but the idea of ​​going to a gym makes me sick.
  • I want to eat healthy, but does healthy food still exist?
  • There is an overload of information available, and I can’t decide what is right or wrong anymore.
  • I am surviving from one weekend to the next and from one holiday to the next without much happiness or serenity in between.
  • I have achieved everything I’m supposed to achieve in life, and still I feel empty and my life seems pointless.
  • I would like to do something completely different, but I don’t know where to start and I am lacking the initiative to get started.

We hear these complaints every day! The problem is that we have moved away from Nature – an indisputable and inseparable part of our being! We have denied our natural instincts, stopped listening, given away our freedom and put our lives in the hands of others.

We have disconnected, and as a result, we feel lost and chained.

You would like to change your lifestyle, but don’t know where to start?

While group activities can introduce you to your first rewilding experiences and give you a chance to simply disconnect and reconnect, the mentoring program offers an in-depth, one-on-one course designed to update and upgrade your lifestyle with long-lasting results.

The goal is always to be as healthy, strong, happy, wild and free as possible.

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