Do you identify with any of these statements? 


  • I don’t have enough energy or time to do everything I’d like to.
  • I should lose weight but I am fed up with diets.
  • I should move more and get my body in better shape, but the idea of ​​going to a gym makes me sick.
  • I want to eat healthy, but does healthy food still exist?
  • There is an overload of information available, and I can’t decide what is right or wrong anymore.
  • I am surviving from one weekend to the next and from one holiday to the next without much happiness or serenity in between.
  • I have achieved everything I’m supposed to achieve in life, and still I feel empty and my life seems pointless.
  • I would like to do something completely different, but I don’t know where to start and I am lacking the initiative to get started.

We hear these complaints every day! The problem is that we have moved away from Nature – an indisputable and inseparable part of our being! We have denied our natural instincts, stopped listening, given away our freedom and put our lives in the hands of others.

We have disconnected, and as a result, we feel lost and chained.

You would like to change your lifestyle, but don’t know where to start?

While group activities can introduce you to your first rewilding experiences and give you a chance to simply disconnect and reconnect, the mentoring program offers an in-depth, one-on-one course designed to update and upgrade your lifestyle with long-lasting results.

The goal is always to be as healthy, strong, happy, wild and free as possible.

We have three different 1 on 1 mentoring options to choose from:

Custom Program

One-on-one à la carte
Cost: Contact us
  • Intake
  • ;Action Plan + explanation
  • Number and kind of sessions to be discussed
  • Email Q&A during the program
Ask here for your free 30 minutes session

Online Sessions

One-on-one online coaching
Cost: 180€
  • Session 1: Intake
  • Session 2: Action Plan + explanation
  • Session 3: Closing session
  • Email Q&A
90 EUR per additional session

We also offer group mentoring:

The Clan of the Spear (8 weeks – Bert Poffé and 8 other men)

As a child, I was often asked by adults what I’d like to be when I grew up. I usually replied, “An explorer or a hunter in a nomadic tribe.” After many years of working step by step on my own rewilding, I can say I succeeded. Not 100%, but I’m getting there. I’m partially what I dreamt of being. The rest is presently “under (re)construction.”

 And you? What did you want to be?

  • an explorer?
  • a pilot?
  • a hunter?
  • a soldier?
  • a soccer player?
  • a police officer?
  • a fireman?

You also might have answered, “Healthy, strong, free and happy”. How does your present lifestyle embrace those intentions? Does your daily workout sometimes get replaced by “running the rat race?” Does your time at the gym sometimes seem boring and ineffective? Do you wish you could get a “kick” up to the next level of fitness? Do you want to feel more alive?


hiking - Hautes Fagnes - Danny Ausloos - Movement - Rewilding Lifestyle - personal trainingIn his book Where is my Spear? Tim Samuels presents a groundbreaking argument for a new masculinity. Tim states in his book (it’s a must read) to lose his spear. We are going to show him how to find it.  We are the men of our times, but we can also become better men – for ourselves and for our life partners and families. My job is to help you find their “spear” by connecting more to your natural state of mind and body.

We are offering something new in the rewilding coaching experience: Clan of the Spear. Imagine eight weeks of intense coaching to help you discover a healthier and more adventurous lifestyle that can have lasting effects!  With 3-6 other men, you can learn where and how to make a fire and find healthier food foraged directly from Nature. You might find yourself crawling through the mud or climbing a tree … tracking wild game or shooting an arrow … perhaps feeling muscles you never knew you had! Your coach and your clan can be your daily support and motivation, leading to more concrete results with fewer excuses.

To achieve all this we will have a detailed look into the Rewilding principles, based on: 

  • Nutrition
  • Natural and adventurous movement
  • Disconnection and reconnection
  • Bushcraft and survival
  • A new rewilding mindset

 With a backpack full of experiences as an explorer and adventurer, I am a certified life coach, burnout-prevention consultant, hike & survival instructor, and personal trainer. I would like to show you the way to a healthier and more balanced way of life, boosting your manhood to the respect it deserves. The men will form a real clan for at least 8 weeks and co-operate to achieve both individual goals and group goals. As a Rewilding Lifestyle Coach,  I will guide the group – online, one-on-one and in group settings.


  • Online Clan discussions and materials.
  • Personal and group intake and action plans.
  • Weekly personal assignments.
  • Weekly meetings that include a workout, outdoor activity, and group discussion.
  • And, who knows what else? We guarantee many surprises that will keep you on your toes and motivated to reach your goals. The programs will be especially geared to your interests and abilities. If you have a special skill or knowledge, you may end up leading an activity!


We decide together when and how your personal rewilding program will proceed, and create a custom program that meets your needs and talents. I have the theoretical knowledge, experience, contacts, materials, etc. Your creative input is essential to your success!


For the group activities, the basecamp will be Leuven, but locations will be flexible. Belgium is a small country, but there are many wilder areas, such as the Ardennes and the High Fens, leaving us so many places to explore together! During the 8 weeks we also have an online base camp (private group) to maintain intense contact with the clan and to work towards our goals.


  • Have you been running the rat race for a while?
  • Do your trips to the city, ski slopes and beach in your new sports car and expensive gear not bring the same satisfaction that they used to?
  • Is losing weight and gaining lean muscle becoming more of a challenge as you age and your career excels?
  • Are your sedentary lifestyle and comfort zone in stark contrast to the stories you devour in National Geographic magazines about the free and wild hunter-gatherer’s existence?
  • Have you have watched all the Bear Grylls and Survivor episodes, and now want some real adventure in your life?
  • Is the image that you have of a healthy, strong, happy man no longer consistent with your own mind and body? 
  • Could your testosterone and your masculinity use some kind of a boost? 

In the Clan of the Spear, we men will work together to help each other achieve our goal: Finding the Spear.


What can I promise you? That you and your new mates will walk away with a feeling of health, strength, happiness and a flair of masculine wildness that your mate will admire. You will want to include the rewilding lifestyle in your daily work and family life. Your family and coworkers will applaud the changes!


The Spear Clan is not a try-out, it’s an exclusive eight-week-long coaching trajectory with a group of strongly motivated men.

All this will cost you only 500€ + VAT.

Curious? Do you have doubts, questions or suggestions? Contact me to discuss The Clan of the Spear and Check out our calendar for joining the next Clan. You will walk away from it a different and better man!

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