Our first-ever overseas adventure in June, 1998, was a horse-packing trip in the Wilmore Wilderness of Alberta Canada, guided by horse-packing legend Tom Vinson. We instinctively felt this trip would be life-changing, and the start of many adventures and expeditions to come. Many Canadian adventures followed, but we also explored other wild places in Chile, Greenland and Mongolia.

Apart from the exciting and sometimes very physical challenges, we always tried to work on personal growth while learning about the natural world. From the beginning, our goal was to gain skills and knowledge that would enable us to live a more nature-based lifestyle. We have been fortunate to have had many different teachers and masters over the years.

People from different walks of life started following us through the media, our website (www.inuksuk.be has been online since 2007), and the past year’s social media. They asked not only for us to share the knowledge and skills obtained on our many travels and explorations, but also to teach and guide them. At first we were puzzled, and didn’t really know what to do about their requests. What could we bring back home from these faraway places that would be valuable for them to learn?

But little by little, we started to understand what they really wanted. Men and women of today are trapped in every detail of winning The Rat Race, or at least surviving it. Some of them are aware that they are trapped; others, not at all. People nowadays are looking for a re-connection – with nature, with themselves and with the people around them.

Before shouting out that we want to guide the world to that re-connection, we decided to prepare and educate ourselves. Apart from the teachings we continuously receive from people close to nature living in all parts of the world, we took time to study and back up our practical experience with some book knowledge.

Although the book of nature is a never-ending story, and it would take 10 lifetimes to become an expert in every related subject, we dare say that today, we feel fully ready to teach and inspire people to explore a different lifestyle. We even have a name for it: Rewilding.

Rewilding is a term generally used for the large-scale conservation aimed at restoring and protecting natural processes and core wilderness areas. These protected areas provide connectivity in the reintroduction of predators and keystone species.

We value these initiatives immensely, but we also believe that the “Rewilding” process should – maybe first of all – concentrate on the human race as a whole. When we become truly aligned with nature and with ourselves instead of violating nature and ourselves, then Rewilding will be a much easier process.

Rewilding Drum is the name of our brand new website and coaching method. The drum is a strong symbol to us because the drum beat leaves no one indifferent; the ancient sound goes straight to the heart and beats the truth about where we have come as a species.

Did you know, for example, that your heart rhythm adapts to the sound of the drum? In February, 2014, upon finishing our Atikamekw Snowshoe Expedition, we had an experience which confirmed this fact. We were welcomed by the Black Bear singers (video) of Manawan. The powerful singing and drumming freed up such strong and wild feelings, that it was obvious that our project should be called “Rewilding Drum.”

We are happy to educate you on what we believe is a healthy and vibrant lifestyle, and we hope to inspire you to make your first rewarding steps towards a different kind of happiness, a wild one.